3 reasons why smoking is bad for your health


How to easily quit smoking addiction

How to easily quit quit addiction? Today, we will learn from Health odoctors.com that you can easily save yourself from this bad habit of smoking.


In this world lot of people don’t leave smoking because they think this is too hard, and real fact that for most people quitting is not easy. The nicotine in cigarettes is a powerfully addictive drug.


habit of bad habits without leaving smoking addiction really difficult.


When this habit becomes addiction and causes physical and mental harm, it is best to give up this habit.


In this regard, some of the ways were highlighted in this topics.


Start the walk outside
Whenever you want to smoke, go out to walk outside. Walk 5-10 minutes.


Move attention away
If you want to smoke, try to move away from the other side. Do something of your own choice, read books, draw pictures, listen to music or dance a little bit. ETC

Increase the amount of vegetables and fruit eaters

Talk to a friend

Talk to a friends motivation to quit smoking addiction.

Keep the house clean

If your home is not clean or smells like a cigarette in some place, then the interest for smoking can rise. So, always cleaning the home and cloth is the easiest way to quit smoking.

Stay with your Child
Smoking kills so when you stay with your child you may understand the smoking is really bad habit. Smoking smells harm your child so you can not smoke in front on your child.

Doctor’s Help
So, while leaving smoking, nicotine gum, patches, inhalers, spray and lasers can be taken temporarily. If you are under 18, you can use these with a prescription.

Quit smoking Save Money

If you are a chain smoker, you slowly kill yourself. Smoking kill slowly you can say the cigarettes are silent killer. Cigarette is costly product. Today you Quit smoking and save money.

Stay Clean

Stay clean Clean yourself and keep your house clean. If there is smell of cigarettes in the corner of the house or in your own clothes, then you may want to smoke again. So the cleanliness of soap is washed in water.

Suddenly do not try to leave completely quit smoking addiction
This is the process is ongoing and slowly. This is all about your Mind set quit smoking addiction.


The easy way to quit smoking is to take a little time and try to quit smoking with the help of everyone.



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