8 reason patient who are affected by Diseases white tongue


White Coated tongue

If the tongue is white, then you must understand that you may be suffering from a physical problem . Maybe you do not know about the illness or you are not being treated properly. Sometime it is not that much serious but in some cases it is a warning sign for some serious illness.

The white tongue is usually transient. However, in some cases it may be chronic and repeated. This whiteness is caused by the inflammation of the tongue. Some food debris, bacteria and dead cells stuck in the inflammatory papillae which make white coat in the tongue. This whiteness can be seen in whole tongue or in some small areas.

Why it happens

Inflammation in the Papillae can be caused for many reasons. For example, due to alcoholism, mild dehydration and smoking .After awaking, many people sometimes see white tongue in the mirror. This may be due to a cold or allergic reaction. It may also happen due to frequent breathing by mouth during the night while sleeping. The tongue can be white even if you do not smoke or drink alcohol. In this case, the patient may have Chronic oral thrush. If you do not take proper treatment after Chronic oral thrush, then there will be problems. During treatment due to some medication some may see their tongue is white. When the medicine ends, the tongue will return to its normal condition. If the tongue is white without a common reason, you must understand that you are having any physical problems. Be aware of yourself and make others aware. And yes, in any case, do not use any medicines by which you have suffered.

Diseases Related to white tongue

White tongue can be seen in a patient who are affected by-



3. Epstein bar Virus

4. Hairy Tongue

5.  Chronic illness

6. Due to the use of steroid inhalers in asthma patients

7. In case of severe  diarrhea

8. Leucoplakia

Some common diseases related to tongue We must  have ideas about some common diseases in details. First come the oral thrush which happens due to fungal infection. This is treated by antifungal drugs. But if it happens frequently then you have to find out the cause of frequent fungal infection. Secondly comes the leucoplakia which is caused by irritation in the tongue like taking too much alcohol and smoking. Although it is not that dangerous but sometimes without proper care it may cause cancer. Now comes Oral lichen planus whose etiology is still unknown but we should not take it easy. Lastly we should have the knowledge about Syphilis which is caught by someone having sex with Syphilitic patient. This is treated by penicillin. 

What to do? 

A.     Brush the tongue regularly and properly

B.      Flossing once  a day

C.       Stop smoking.

D.      To drink plenty of water.

E.       Have meals  enrich with fiber.

F.        Avoid Alcohol

When you should consult your Doctor

A.     In chronic condition

B.      When it is painful and have burning sensation

C.      When there is a sore

D.     When you have problems in talking and swallowing

E.       When you have some other conditions like sudden weight loss and rashes 


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