Telemedicine to provide clinical service to distant



To provide clinical health care service from a distant or an unreachable place, telemedicine is now using as a very helpful tool by the doctors. Telemedicine service is based on telecommunication and information technology. Doctors often prefer this method of technology to save a severe patient. It enables the communication between patient and doctor through a convenient way so both patient and doctor can share their collateral medical information and required services.

Telemedicine as a technological gift:

Telemedicine has a numerous benefit. Prosecuting the newest implantation of telemedicine most of the doctors prefers this method. Doctors can minimize cost for healthcare, gear up their practice and earnings, give better service and hence the patients will have a happier and healthier life.

The easier way of caring a patient:

At present, convenience is the key to healthcare. With respect to a global survey, 74% of patients choose the easier way to get health care service from the doctors in-person. Patients who lived in remote areas or due to work pressure but they have an opportunity to use the internet, they can get their medical services via video conferencing or smartphone applications.

Minimize Cost:

This service is worked on the basis of collecting data from the patients, analyzing and monitoring the services which potentially minimize the cost, that saves money for both doctors and patients even insurance companies. Not only that but also it reduces the non-urgent ER visits and cuts the transportation cost daily follow up.


Easy Access to Specialist Doctors:

It enables both doctors and patients to interact with each other as they desire. Doctors can find a large geographic domain and so the patients can get more specialist doctors.

Engagement With Patients:

Engaging with patients, doctors can help them to maintain suitable medical service schedule. Most of the doctors experienced it that continuous engagement with patients can encourage them to reduce the use of tobacco and defend fatness rates. Doctors can up-to-date with their patients about their physical condition.

Improved Quality of Patient Care:

A new survey states that under telemedicine patients contain minimum depression level, anxiety and stress, and regarding admitting hospital is around 40%.

Telemedicine grants patient-oriented pathway, such as caring for an unbound time limit. Doctors can advise their patients quickly about treatment option within very short time with care.

Limitations of Telemedicine:

Though it has huge benefits and surely it will grow rapidly within next decade, but it has some technical constraints for the providers. In need of skilled manpower and well-equipped system, it costs money and time both. Patients who are using this service can suffer due to lack of continuity. Service provider keeps all the record of a patient and they supply those to a doctor. So if the service provider falls by any means then it may affect the whole service. All doctors who are involved with this service are worried about the technical difficulties. Sometimes poor internet connection could lead to a mismanagement of this service. Many doctors and patients like to contact with each other in-person. Everything even simple diagnosis can be carried out digitally.


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