Mobile Healthcare Service


Mobile Health Care Service

Mobile health is the acronym of mHealth is generally used for cell phones and different wireless technology who intends to provide cell phone basis medical services. It is used in mobile phone communication to provide services and alert the user by giving information regarding preventable health diseases, a pestiferous outbreak of deadly diseases and their management.

It may help the doctors and researchers to collect updated news and situation of current health strategy and regarding issues. On the other hand, industrially developed countries are adopting this medium of technology to enhance their medical policy and services. For the growing availability of this technological service, health is becoming more affordable and improved.

Why Is mHealth Services To Be Considered?

It is not an easier task to deliver the health service at the door of the people who lived in a remote area. Sometimes doctors are not mentally prepared to work in that areas. Though they do it by getting pressure from the higher authorities, they won’t stay there for so long. Then the health care service will not be availed by those people. It affects the country in many ways. Technology is upgrading day by. It becomes affordable for all to use and take the advantage of this technology. Using this mobile technology it is very easy to serve the medical services to the people who lived in those unreachable areas.

The benefit of mHealth Care Service:

  • Prompt Delivery
  • Minimise the overall cost
  • Skillfulness
  • Suitableness
  • It offers the government to choose an option as a non-profitable organisation, non-government organisation and other institutions for funding in this sector so they can improve more in the field of this health sector.
  • Helps the health care providers to justify different types of health care products.
  • Increment of patient attention susceptibility for good
  • Permit for occasional practice
  • In unreachable areas, it becomes easier than to serve the people by well trained professional doctors.
  • People who lived in a remote area are generally deprived of many medical facilities. By providing high valued medical instruments after analysing the report of size and population of that area, then it becomes a simple task.
  • Designed to Meet Budgets: In the end, mobile units can normally be designed to meet any reasonable budget.


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