Management System of Healthcare Sector


Management System of Healthcare Sector

This is a web-based application which is used for managing the information of employees and patients with very effectively. The primary objective of this management system is to develop the overall development of the management through a computerized technique of a hospital. This system enables the administration of the hospital to cover a wide range of management process. This system comprises patient’s registration and their details into the system, payment information of pharmacy & labs. It is one of the tougher tasks to manage the accurate record and communication. Computer-aided software facilitates the hospital to store all information of the patient and the employees by generating a unique ID for each automatically. Day by day the necessity of this kind of management hospitals are demanding management software so they can manage everything in an effective way. The inbuilt searching tool of the software helps the hospital management to get the latest update on each client. Nonetheless, the user can also get the details of all doctors and patients by using that computer generated ID.

Management hospitals are demanding management software

The primary objective of this computer-aided software is to minimize the conventional manual working procedure in the hospital’s reception phase. Patients receive total itemized bill very quickly that bears a satisfactory service. It also helps the operator from the redundancy of the work. The user can access the directory by putting up the patient ID and password so s/he can get the full details of the patient and doctor. To construct this management system hospital is needed to receive patient registration, information of the prescribed medicines and the concerned complaints. It is accessible by both receptionist and administrator.

It also helps the organizational development and its effectiveness so the officials and the executives can get the latest information whenever & wherever they want.

Present Healthcare System:

At present, information is transferred from one place to another by paper notes. In this medium of the documentation process, it becomes impossible to evaluate the status of the hospital resources and patient related information. The most conventional way in this field is, the patient has to receive the prescription from the doctor. Then for collecting prescribed drugs, s/he is needed to go to the pharmacy and maintain the serial line wait for the fill the prescription. If this process is updated through technological way then it will become more convenient for both patient and doctor. Such as, if the pharmacist receives the doctors prescription through electronically or by a voice command by the physician then it would result in a quicker efficiency and customer satisfaction.


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