Healthcare Service Via Online


Healthcare Service Via Online

The improvement of the human physical condition including immune system through proper diagnosis, treatment and forbearance of sickness, injury and relevant issues. This is served by the medical doctor or professionals such as medicine or surgery specialist, nurses, pharmacist, psychiatric and so on. It is done in taking steps on primary care, secondary care and tertiary care. These services can be performed with the help of internet service. Different countries have different economic conditions and policies. With this respect, they have to maintain health care plans. That is why it differs between national and sub-national essences. A strong financial backbone is needed to be formed for a well-operating healthcare system. On the other hand, providing a quality healthcare service it is needed few important things such as well-equipped health facilities, delivery of quality medicine and easily accessible technologies.

The online-based healthcare system can be classified into three basic parts. Such as,


1.Primary Care

2.Secondary Care

3.Tertiary Care


1.Primary care

This type of healthcare service can be avail from the local community. It can be performed in various ways such as emergency care unit which enables the doctors to serve the patients whenever the patient wants.

2.Secondary care

“Hospital Care” is the synonymous name of the phrase “Secondary care”. Though this kind of service providers do not complete their tasks in hospital ground e.g. clinical psychologists, dental specialists, psychiatrists, physiotherapists even they are categorized as primary service care providers and the patient is not needed to meet with him personally and few of primary care services are provided in the hospitals. Due to various policies of different countries national health care system patients are sometimes asked to meet with the primary service care provider beyond they are in need of getting service from secondary service care.
3.Tertiary care

This is a special level of doctor’s health care criteria. Patients whose conditions are extremely severe and they are suggested from primary and secondary care level specialists, get their necessary services from this level. This care unit obviously consists of advance medical investigations, proper diagnosis and treatments for the patients. Different kinds of complex medical and surgical interventions such as palliative, cardiac surgery, treatments for severe burns, plastic surgery, neurosurgery, cancer management, advance nanotechnology services and the relevant services.


Custom Software based Healthcare Service
In the Hospital or Doctor’s house can use custom software all about doctors workflow all doctors work store to the software database. patient information Always important so if use software it helps to the Hospital or Doctor’s house main the system.



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