Floating Health care center


Floating Health care center

A vessel which contains mostly needed medical emergency equipment and the other necessary medical supportive equipment, roam from one shore to another for the purpose of providing offshore people, can be named as floating hospital. U21 Soares de Meirelles, U19 Carlos Chagas from Brazil, Zhuanghe, Daishandao from China, KRI Dr Socharso from Indonesia, BAP Puno from Peru, Sir & Yenisey from Russia, USNS Mercy & USNS Comfort from the USA and Khanb Hoa from Vietnam are world famous floating hospitals from around the globe. This is completely free of cost and they serve at their best to the people. In the last few decades, the floating ships have served more than 5 million people.

Hundreds of years ago, a vessel named by “Therapy”  was sailed from the Athenian fleet. Meanwhile, another ship named by “Aesculapius” was roamed from the Roman empire. These names were hired by few writer who addressed them as hospital ships. At the very beginning of 17th century when the world was eventually engaged in war with different nations, the number of casualties was becoming enormous in number. In the matter of offshore war, it was truly difficult to treat the wounded people.

Service Provided By Floating Healthcare:

Like a medical service ground, they act as a family doctor with some expert doctors who are intentionally prepared to serve the offshore people. Here are given some examples that are provided floating hospitals.

  • Elementary medical investigation and exempt.
  • Gynaecological investigations.
  • Maternity testing and antepartum care recommendation.
  • Assist and manage to serve the patient who is affected by diabetes, high blood pressure, diseases which are transmitted through physical interaction and so on. Sometimes these type of hospital conduct surgery event.
  • Ear, Nose and throat related problem.
  • Services issuing cardiology.
  • HIV and AIDS investigation, counselling and guidance.
  • Dental examinations, washing, levelling, fillings, extractions and so on.
  • Floating hospitals also appreciate the individual who is not mentally balanced. They evaluate the person with very care and treat them with great responsibility. Manage proper medicine and counsel them so they can heal this.
  • Specialities regard handling of psychological state, strain and emotion with an engrossment on the injury of internal aggression.


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