Most effective Tips and Tricks for caring your nice hairstyle

Most-effective-Tips-and-Tricks-for-caring- your-nice-hairstyle

Most effective Tips and Tricks for caring your nice hairstyle

The shampoo is very vital part of hair care that would be based on your hair type. Different types of hair are the dry, oily or mixed combination. So you need to clear idea about your hair to required shampoos.

  1. Don’t wash hair every day, in a week you just need 2 or 3 days to wash hair. One thing remember if you have dry scalp try hot oil massage before shampooing.
  2. 5-10 minutes massage your hair gently that will gives simulate blood flow.
  3. Always wash hair in cool water, because hot water can reduce natural oil from your hair.
  4. Don’t forget to use conditioner after wash your hair. You may use natural conditioner as lemon juice, keep it at least 30 minutes before wash.
  5. Don’t use the hairdryer when your hair is fully wet. Better to let them in air dry.
  6. Brush your hair properly and free from any types of tangles.
  7. Cover your hair when you go outside. Cap or scarp you may use to protect hair from any kinds of dust, pollution or sunlight.
  8. Keeps your brush or combs separate. Wash them in hot water.
  9. Every three months later cut your hair that may reduce from split ends.
  10. Maintain the healthy diet that will help to give you healthy hair. taking healthy food, vitamins and drinking mineral boost hair growth naturally.
  11. Every woman has the major problem with hair growth if you want to grow your hair naturally take biotin capsules or vitamin E capsules. You can easily find this product at your nearest pharmacy.
  12. Hair mask can give you the better result, it can make home remedies. Take 2 bananas make them smashed, 2tbs of curd, 1tbs of olive oil and 1tbs of honey. Apply these mask all over the hair, let them in minimum 1 hour then wash it with a mild shampoo. This hair mask not only provides you silky and shiny hair but also it reduces damages.
  13. Do not rub your hair with a towel after washing it. This will weaken your hair. Remove the water from the hair with a gentle pressure from the towel.
  14. If someone has swimming or swimming habits in the swimming pool, you should clean your hair with shampoo. In this case, take a light shampoo to clean your hair effectively and moisturize.
  15. . The best way to retain the right beauty of your hair you need proper eating habits and adequate sleep.
  16. Avoid brushing hair after shampoo it becomes soft and hair can fall.
  17. Rice water is very good conditioner for hair. Firstly wash your hair correctly then apply rice water throughout the hair and wait for 5 minutes. Rice protein keep your hair good and also it will shine longer.

So, these are the best hair care tips. If you follow it properly then you will get the best result and makes you happier. Happy means confidence, and this shiny hair makes you more confident.


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