Doctor and patient interaction

medical science is the therapeutic relation between doctor and patient

Doctor and patient interaction

The art of the medical science is the therapeutic relationship between doctor and patient. For delivering a quality healthcare service this is very important. In the absence of a good relationship between doctor and patient, it results in an ultimate dissatisfaction experienced by the patient.

The advantage of Feasible Communication Between Patient and Doctor:

The patient-doctor relation is the core relationship in the working principle of a healthcare service provider. There are three basic communication goals of the patient-doctor relationship. They are as follows

  • Build a better relation
  • Simplify a passage for information
  • Helps the patient to make decision

This patient-doctor relation helps the doctor to identify the patient requirements and desire and then the treatment process becomes easier for the doctor. Patient reaction to their treatment with the doctor resulted in a good relationship. It also satisfies a doctor about his/her service. It is also experienced that by building a good relationship between doctor and patient reduce the cost hospital expense. Maintaining a good relationship with patient helps the doctor to encourage himself about his job satisfaction and reduce different types of stress.

Barriers to developing good communication:

There are many obstacles to building up a good communication relationship between doctor and patient that covers patients disquiets, misconduct, unanticipated expectation and so on.

Worsening Communication Proficiency of Doctor: 

While studying medical science in different medical institutions they are not getting used to this type of professionalism. Though in the internship they are tried to cop up with this due to excess academic pressure, they can’t avail this skill at this time. So they have to practice it when they work in the mainstream.

Privacy of Patients Information:

Through time to time communication between patient and doctor, the patient can share about his/her very interpersonal complexity. For this communication, a patient can have a person to share his/her affairs with the concerned doctor who will not disclose it to others.

Avoidance Behavior of Doctors: 

Sometimes it is experienced by most of the patients that doctors do not give much time to listen what the patient wants to say. It may occur because of doctors have to visit so many patients within a short time or they intentionally avoid this thing, but this generates a negative impression on the doctor.

Inadequate Professionalism:

Some doctors do not want to contribute their service in all places which are a moral violation of medical ethics. This results in a therapeutic failure.

Patient Resistance:

Nowadays patients are very active than the nay other days. They have some idea about the cause of their problem. When they experience anything irrelevant they may oppose with the doctor, which could be an unexpected experience for doctors.


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