Community Medical Care Center

Community Medical Care

Community Medical Care Center

The healthcare service which is centred with the patient’s entire family members is known as community health care centre. For each family, there is assigned a team who helps the patients to take care of their every kind of medical needs. This type of health care centre helps the patients for medical tests that they required or referred from the doctor. If necessary they help the patients to find a specialised doctor for more better treatment. Community-based medical service centre basically provides the following type of medical services.

Take medical attention for a family:

This type of healthcare facility helps the members of a family such as children, adults and oldest persons by caring about their need medicine. They are also very caring about a pregnant woman and newly born babies. They also take initiatives for prevention of diseases. Taking care of how to strengthen the immune system of human body.

Specialized Medical Attention:

Before the age of 18, every child is needed to care special caring. For these community-based medical centres have specialised doctors who can take care of them since their birth to the age of 18. They followed every child about their needed caring and take actions for their immunisations.

Maternity Care:

They conduct different kinds of medical services such as testing pregnancy for free of cost, special maternity program by visiting home, convey and alert the people about the possible measure that they can take for in case of emergency.

Dental Care For Family:

They have their own certified dental specialist who is there for helping the people who are needed help for their dental problem. They treat the babies too. They also conduct special programs in remote areas.

Pharmaceutical Services:

The pharmacists who employed here consistently do their job for finding the effective and low priced medicines that are easier for the people to buy. They monitor the diabetes patients so they can get become conscious about the state of diabetes. They also encourage people to abandon smoking by conveying the bad effect of smoking.

Teenagers Caring:

With the permission of teenagers parents, they conduct different types of programs like somatic tests, chronic sick care and so on. Classified services like maternity tests, treatment for STD, birth control, anti-contraception ideas and so on.


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